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What you get access to...

The ClientWise eXchange™ is the first of it's kind. The eXchange™ provides advisors the platform to access proprietary content developed from working with top performers in the industry,  access to a network of high performing financial professionals across the nation, and the ability to engage with the world's highest credentialed executive coaches.

Coaching  | Access to the highest credentialed coaches 

The hybrid-learning platform on The eXchange™ provides exclusive access to ClientWise coaches, who have partnered with some of the most successful advisors in the industry to grow and improve their businesses. These same coaches, who work with Barron’s ranked advisors, also provide virtual coaching to our members on the eXchange.

Community  |  Peer-to-Peer Learning & Networking

The eXchange™ extends the scope of coaching to a forum that is more collaborative and inclusive in nature. Financial advisors have the ability to learn in a workshop-like format through peer-to-peer learning, and network with similarly motivated professionals from the comfort of their own office.

Our community offers a robust network of motivated financial advisors looking to improve their businesses. The different Spaces and Groups on the eXchange™ allow you to customize how you connect with these advisors, based on their affiliations, designations, relationship with ClientWise and more. Just flip an advisor or coach’s tile to engage with them and ask questions about their practice and experience.

Content  |  The Axis of Coaching and Content

Get 24/7 access to all the information you ever wanted on financial advisory practice management. We’ve got the templates, tools, and tips to take actionable steps that will immediately transform your business in all areas of practice management.


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First 30-Days is COMPLIMENTARY trial access*

Note: During the 1st 30 days you will have limited trial access to content. After 30 days your card will be charged in full unlocking ALL elibrary access. At anytime you may request FULL access and then be charged in FULL for your monthly subscription. Each year your subscription will auto-renew unless you notify us within 30 days of your intent not to continue. This engagement is for a 12 month commitment at the stated annual subscription price. eXchange access is included with any workshop or coaching engagements.

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ClientWise Blog

  • To say that 2020 has been a challenging year could perhaps be the greatest understatement of all time. It’s honestly been a year of unimaginable struggle. The loss of more than a quarter million American lives to COVID-19. Protests and clashes across the nation surrounding ongoing and persistent racial injustice. And so much political enmity and divisiveness related to the recent election. At times this year, the idea of ‘giving thanks’ for anything has seemed almost laughable. Yet together (and apart), we’ve somehow managed to navigate all these difficulties and persevere – as we’ve always done before. And although most of us are not traveling to visit family and friends this year, opting instead for smaller holiday gatherings, there is nevertheless ample reason to give thanks. Looking ahead, we can be optimistic about the prospects of a COVID vaccine on the very near-term horizon, as well as an economy that’s proven remarkably resilient despite so much uncertainty. I’m pretty sure I reflect the views of many in hoping for a much welcome return to some semblance of normalcy in the year ahead.
  • On behalf of the entire ClientWise team, we wish to express our deep appreciation to those of you who have served (or perhaps are still serving) in our nation’s Armed Forces. Veteran’s Day is a time to reflect on the sacrifices so many men and women have made to protect those very freedoms which we’re currently watching play out on the national stage. Over the years, I’ve worked with hundreds of advisors – many who have served – and quickly came to realize that the very qualities and skills that the military nurtured and instilled are the same qualities that make these individuals such outstanding advisors:
  • Looking for ways to keep your team and your clients focused and engaged? Share with them some of the books, TV shows, movies, podcasts, etc. that have helped lift your mood or provided a welcome distraction. See attached for our recommendations.
  • Looking for ways to keep your team and your clients focused and engaged? Share with them some of the books, TV shows, movies, podcasts, etc. that have helped lift your mood or provided a welcome distraction. See attached for our recommendations.
  • Micro-Segmentation

    An opportunity to test and learn new acquisition strategies Lately, whenever I talk to one of our clients, I make it a point to ask them what their year-to-date new households/ new clients numbers look like. Almost every response has been “oh, not great!” But when I then ask them what their year-to-date net new money looks like, the vast majority tell me that those numbers are up. Without a doubt, it’s a terrific accomplishment to be net positive in new assets during a year of unprecedented turbulence. But if this is the situation you currently find yourself in, it’s important to acknowledge both the good and the bad. You should be supremely confident in the fact that you’re growing your wallet share. It’s a clear indication that your existing clients – despite the ongoing turmoil – have growing confidence in your ability to help them weather the storm.

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