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What you get access to...

The ClientWise eXchange™ is the first of it's kind. The eXchange™ provides advisors the platform to access proprietary content developed from working with top performers in the industry,  access to a network of high performing financial professionals across the nation, and the ability to engage with the world's highest credentialed executive coaches.

Coaching  | Access to the highest credentialed coaches 

The hybrid-learning platform on The eXchange™ provides exclusive access to ClientWise coaches, who have partnered with some of the most successful advisors in the industry to grow and improve their businesses. These same coaches, who work with Barron’s ranked advisors, also provide virtual coaching to our members on the eXchange.

Community  |  Peer-to-Peer Learning & Networking

The eXchange™ extends the scope of coaching to a forum that is more collaborative and inclusive in nature. Financial advisors have the ability to learn in a workshop-like format through peer-to-peer learning, and network with similarly motivated professionals from the comfort of their own office.

Our community offers a robust network of motivated financial advisors looking to improve their businesses. The different Spaces and Groups on the eXchange™ allow you to customize how you connect with these advisors, based on their affiliations, designations, relationship with ClientWise and more. Just flip an advisor or coach’s tile to engage with them and ask questions about their practice and experience.

Content  |  The Axis of Coaching and Content

Get 24/7 access to all the information you ever wanted on financial advisory practice management. We’ve got the templates, tools, and tips to take actionable steps that will immediately transform your business in all areas of practice management.


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Note: During the 1st 30 days you will have limited trial access to content. After 30 days your card will be charged in full unlocking ALL elibrary access. At anytime you may request FULL access and then be charged in FULL for your monthly subscription. Each year your subscription will auto-renew unless you notify us within 30 days of your intent not to continue. This engagement is for a 12 month commitment at the stated annual subscription price. eXchange access is included with any workshop or coaching engagements.

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ClientWise Blog

  • It’s rarely a cataclysmic event. Far more often, it’s a slow, cumulative effect – the impact of small, insidious behaviors that in and of themselves seem relatively harmless, but when combined and over an extended period of time, can eat away at the morale of your team and jeopardize the foundation of your business. At ClientWise, we spend a great deal of time working with advisors and their teams to identify and model the habits and behaviors that distinguish some of the most successful interdependent teams. Over and over again, we continue to witness qualities and traits that distinguish the great teams from the ordinary – common intent and purpose, a shared vision, living the firm’s core values daily, expressing empathy for one another and clients, displaying compassion, and partnering around shared decision-making and shared success.
  • Transfers of Trust

    Whether in the context of the work we do with advisory firms looking to merge, or building structures to facilitate the move of clients from a founder to a next generation leader in the firm, an effective transfer of trust is perhaps the most essential driver of success. In his book The Speed of Trust, Stephen M. R. Covey makes a compelling case that trust occurs at the convergence of character and competence. He proceeds to outline the key behaviors that build each of these components, along with three shared behaviors – all of which are fundamental to a successful transfer of trust:
  • We all have a vision of our future business. Too often, however, that vision is solely focused on some relatively far-off (5, 10, or even 20 year) end date. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to have a long-range picture of where you want to take your firm. But you also need shorter, incremental objectives and key results (OKRs). If your long-term business goals are your destination, these are the logistical decisions for each leg of the trip that will speed-up and streamline your journey. So as you’re thinking about the year ahead, take time to think about exactly what you want to accomplish. What things would you like to see different a year from now? And what will achieving those things do for you?
  • Capacity and Productivity. Any advisory firm that’s serious about meaningful and sustainable growth must learn how to better control those two critical financial metrics. Should I add staff and when should I add them? Will productivity decrease as our enterprise gets bigger? At what point should I start considering a merger or acquisition as a means of acquiring capacity and scale?
  • One of the biggest challenges for any thriving advisory firm is finding time (beyond day-to-day operations) to plan and execute on the activities which will most positively impact the business’ enterprise value. We’re not talking about the “market cap plus debt, minority interest, and preferred shares, minus total cash and cash equivalents” financial definition of enterprise value. Instead, we’re talking about the ability of your business to not only survive but thrive without you. It’s a harsh but essential reality – the less dependent on you personally, the more valuable your business. So the question is, what actions can you undertake and what steps can you implement to help achieve that aim?

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