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What you get access to...

The ClientWise eXchange™ is the first of it's kind. The eXchange™ provides advisors the platform to access proprietary content developed from working with top performers in the industry,  access to a network of high performing financial professionals across the nation, and the ability to engage with the world's highest credentialed executive coaches.

Coaching  | Access to the highest credentialed coaches 

The hybrid-learning platform on The eXchange™ provides exclusive access to ClientWise coaches, who have partnered with some of the most successful advisors in the industry to grow and improve their businesses. These same coaches, who work with Barron’s ranked advisors, also provide virtual coaching to our members on the eXchange.

Community  |  Peer-to-Peer Learning & Networking

The eXchange™ extends the scope of coaching to a forum that is more collaborative and inclusive in nature. Financial advisors have the ability to learn in a workshop-like format through peer-to-peer learning, and network with similarly motivated professionals from the comfort of their own office.

Our community offers a robust network of motivated financial advisors looking to improve their businesses. The different Spaces and Groups on the eXchange™ allow you to customize how you connect with these advisors, based on their affiliations, designations, relationship with ClientWise and more. Just flip an advisor or coach’s tile to engage with them and ask questions about their practice and experience.

Content  |  The Axis of Coaching and Content

Get 24/7 access to all the information you ever wanted on financial advisory practice management. We’ve got the templates, tools, and tips to take actionable steps that will immediately transform your business in all areas of practice management.


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First 30-Days is COMPLIMENTARY trial access*

Note: During the 1st 30 days you will have limited trial access to content. After 30 days your card will be charged in full unlocking ALL elibrary access. At anytime you may request FULL access and then be charged in FULL for your monthly subscription. Each year your subscription will auto-renew unless you notify us within 30 days of your intent not to continue. This engagement is for a 12 month commitment at the stated annual subscription price. eXchange access is included with any workshop or coaching engagements.

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ClientWise Blog

  • ClientWise LLC Strengthens Channel-Focused Expertise with Addition of Three New Business Consulting Leaders Bill Matyi joins the team to lead the independent network advisors Barb Novak joins the team to lead the RIA channel Stacey Sheridan is appointed to lead ensemble consulting for NM advisors ClientWise LLC, a full-service coaching, consulting and training company serving business owners, managing partners, executives, leaders and high-performing financial advisors of RIA and financial services firms, recently announced the hiring of three new business consulting leaders. Matyi brings nearly two decades of financial industry consulting expertise to his role at ClientWise, with a particular focus on the areas of business development, financial advice and planning delivery, as well as sales distribution. Prior to joining ClientWise, Novak’s 20+ years of financial services business consulting, practice management, sales and sales management experience includes business consulting experience focused solely on the RIA community over the last decade while working for Charles Schwab and Pershing. And Sheridan comes to the firm with an extensive coaching pedigree, having worked with more than 150 advisors and their teams on a variety of growth initiatives.
  • Giving Thanks

    At this reflective time of year, I remind myself that while gratitude is important, it’s in the giving (of our time, talent and treasure) that we best demonstrate our true thankfulness. The poignant and moving words of JFK always come to mind: “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”
  • We’ve all seen the sobering statistics. The average age of financial advisors in 2019 is about 55, with roughly one in five age 65 or older. And yet: Nearly three quarters (73%) have no clear written succession plan; Even those within five years of retiring, more than half (60%) don’t have a plan; and Far too many (47%) next generation advisors don’t know if or how they fit into the future firm. Keep in mind that these are self-reported percentages, so the reality of the situation may be far worse. The lack of a clear path to transition remains perhaps the largest potential breach of fiduciary duty in our industry today – with the continuity of care and financial well-being of countless clients hanging in the balance. For most advisors (both firm
  • “Neither a borrower nor a lender be: For loan oft loses both itself and friend.” Hamlet; Act 1, Scene 3 It’s one of the most recognizable and oft quoted lines in all of Shakespeare’s works, nestled right between two other pieces of sage advice that Polonius imparts to his son Laertes: “give every man thy ear, but few thy voice” and “this above all; to thine own self be true.” But while there’s a certain universal wisdom to those other two tenets, if you’re an advisor who’s seeking to rapidly and measurably grow your business, you’ll be well served to embrace rather than avoid the capital of others.
  • For any enterprise that’s serious about meaningful and sustainable growth, getting a grasp on how to better control these two critical financial metrics is essential. As you grow, you’re facing a cascade of important decisions: Should I add staff and when? Do I need to start thinking about more office space? When is it advisable to merge or acquire someone in another location? While profitability can certainly be a useful financial metric, it’s your business’ capacity and productivity which are the two inextricably linked measurement tools that will give you the clearest insight into making those types of mission critical decisions.

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